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Key West Island Jet Ski Tour

Speed your way!

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  • $30 Off Any Jetski Tour – code L23
  • $40 Off First jetski tour of the day- Double Jetski Tour – code MM2
  • $30 Off Morning First Jetski Tour- For Single Ski – MM1


Single Passenger
Double Passenger

Have speedy fun on our Jet Ski rentals in Key West!

27 Miles and 90 Minutes of pure exhilarating watersports bliss. Your Key West Island Jet-ski Tour starts in the shallow cove, The Ibis Bay Resort dock area. At our Watersports Hub, you will meet your humble, safety-conscious, fun, and knowledgeable local tour guide. You will be provided instructions on operating your jetski (wave runner) PWC, safety rules, and an overview of the waters around Key West. By now, you are starting to understand the fun and exhilaration that lies ahead.

And off we go…..You will follow your guide into the channels as he navigates you through the shallows and the open water. You will open your machine throttle there, and the caravan of fun is on the way. 

You will speed your way from the Gulf, slowing as you go through the Cow Key Bridge Channel and into the Atlantic Ocean. As you take off again, you will continue to follow your guide along the Atlantic Coast. Your adventurers will pass Fort East Martello, Smathers Beach, White Street Pier, the Southernmost Point Bouy, and around Fort Zachary State Park Beach. You will reenter the Gulf of Mexico as you pass the State Park. Are we done yet?….. No!

Off we go around Sunset Key, down by the Historic Seaport, the Coast Guard Station, and back to the Ibis Bay Resort. 

After your exhilarating 90-minute adventure, many guests celebrate their experience with a drink and the freshest seafood at the Stoned Crab Restaurant.